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Du vin

I love France and want to share a throwback our girls trip last Autumn. He visited a stunning place which is famous for amazing wines and nature, the glamorous Bordeaux. These trip had particular touch because was with my first friends  I met in London.

The weather was lovely for end of November and surprised us with quite warm afternoons and blue skies.

Sharing some pictures of this gorgeous trip always involving art, laughs and good food.IMG_5220

Saint Michel Cathedral


Place de la Borse
Porte Cailhau

Musee des Beaux Arts
Marche des Capucins

Au revoir!!

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Post six months

Finally and unfortunately six months has been passed and new life is getting settle. Recovering postnatal was quite hard when we hadn’t planned to go away and face all heatwave in Britain. The results was that mum and baby suffered a bit but we survived.

From our window.

Best view after c- section

Fortunately our nights of sleep was gifted with peace waking up once or twice for feed. I never had it with Elis. Well, breastfeeding was challenging in the begin with sore nipples and midwives literally forcing you that should try even harder I felt really creepy.

Few days after come back to the hospital.

Passed the first three months my body and mind slowly got back to the normal and Luisa started to change her sleep routine and early teething took over place. Under control with some creams and soft toys we ‘re get on with it. Breastfeeding was hard and wasn’t comfortable for me and I thought more the once to stop, but as once the months went on the routine settle I’m now enjoying breastfeed with a help of formula milk made life much easier.

Sleep routines.

Lulu – 4 months.

Another challenge to overcome is my body comes back to the “normal”. I’ve been neglected all pregnancy and until now feeling a bit lazy to get up and run in the park. So my decision was start with Pilates to get my breath back and slowly come back work out. Anyway there is no reason to rush and even I want it, what I want it’s enjoys this gorgeous stage of my life, I’m in love with my girls.

Super tiring but I just love to be mum.

Leli x

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No bloody diet

Everybody knows there is no alternative for diet when you are pregnant. I know you can but this time I’ve been lazy, don’t want really care if I’m eating carbs twice a day, getting into haribo  and pastries (almond croissant is my favourite) weekly. Before I wasn’t a pastry girl and even cook with butter (Masterchef encouraged me) and honestly now its not important to focus on it. The only importance is now balance nutrients between some sweets cravings that I’m up now.Best afternoon tea in London.

Danish brekkie.Some diet habits I kept in this pregnancy. The main meal now is the breakfast so in the mornings always starts with lemon with water that fortunate helps me with no sickness and swollen legs. During my breakfast I always like to make smoothies, cereal and porridge with my favourite seeds, chia and buckwheat rich in nutrients to help on the diet. Sometimes I crave for some bee pollen or even honey (so really local yummy honeys) that some doctors had controversial opinions whether is okay or not during pregnancy.

At lunch time gets really lazy to even think prepare nice salads or even my gorgeous fillings grains, quinoa, couscous and pearl barley. But to be honest after a huge breakfast (I’m not a breakfast girl) I’d rather to choose something easier and lighter as tapioca with egg or popcorns instead stand in the kitchen being the mad healthy mum. Sneaking up some sandwiches or fruits when picking up Elis, I keep the “proper” meals for dinner with hubby but some days I can eat proper meals twice or even more times a day.

Both parents in the house are pregnant, so funny and cool sharing cravings, horrendous dreams and even the guilty to eat pasta twice a week. I always like to eat healthy avoiding excessive calories, always balance meals with natural discovering, mixing my week plan meal with vegan, veggie and meat for now I just can be bother. And honestly it’s all I can do. I will enjoy the pregnancy with joy. Woke up about diet it’s not a judgment of right or wrong to stay fit or not but be yourself without poisonous social media. It’s a blessing time once in life for sure. So enjoy darling!



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London – list

Friday night is always good to hang out in the town. Popping for drinks in the Shard with THE VIEW and across the bridge to enjoy a new fantastic hotel, The Ned. Always good come back to my old neighbourhood. ✨

Old Midland Bank, the building had renovation keeping the traditional features and a Hall with eight restaurants and live music till 2am for non member and 4am for member. ✨

Good food, beautiful people, music and great atmosphere means a great time.


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Lets bump!

Once you are pregnant the care of your skin should be improve. Some of women unfortunately doesn’t have luck and even the creams couldn’t ‘t help too. Personally I am not to much keen in body care opposite look after my face skin with some serums and having a daily routine as I clean my teeth every morning.  The stomach skin in the second pregnancy  seems doesn’t stretch so much as the first one but still have some months ahead to testifies it.Glycolic acid helps against melasma and lactic acid are the “good” ones in preg. Once per week exfoliate and massage skin with amazing products from Pixi. Bioderm (Brazilian) collagen cream I carried for years with me.

Anyway I chose the products my body was used to in the first pregnancy and added two more. Extra care because first my age increase 5 years and second I was carrying plus 4 kilos than usual before the baby. Old products I used for Elis’s pregnancy was popular but works brilliantly and two new ones discovered from mums bloggers.Brazilian almond oil is one of the best and I used to use for all my years of tanned girl in Rio de Janeiro. Really help against stretch marks.

For face care I stopped to use some serum, “the bad ones” for pregnancy and use more thermal water and oils for facial massages as once this winter was the longest – killer I’ve been though  in the UK.

Another tip really rescue me along this months is the essences . Pampering me in my busy routine and for deep good night of sleep.

Enjoying this magical 9 months till last minute and getting anxious to see my baby’s face soon. Things in life is priceless and I always grateful for it. X

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Baby n.2

Here we go again! Baby number two is coming. I am 21 weeks pregnant and so far this period is really enjoyable because I’m truly feeling wonderful. None sights of sickness or laziness and  to be honest even crazy cravings, that reasons makes me feel it was expecting another girl. Elis pregnancy was the same and one day before my labour I was in Southbank Carnival dancing samba and jumping to help for the next day induction. However nothing happened, I had C-Section. However, surprise, surprise, it’s a GIRL. Despite the gap between them will be a bit longer than usual here girls together sorority is unique. they gonna be first best friends of each other.img_2774.jpgIMG_4793

These pregnancy  is taken calmly, slowly just the way should be. Feeling second baby is so relax and no rush to buy that hundred things the baby wont need , slowing down and just enjoy particularly for me, that will be the last one. Now its time for a new list of what baby will need in the first months.  Unfortunately living in the two bedroom flat I got rid of some of Elis’s toys and furniture that now need to replace and buy another new items as  baby monitor in the big house with a kitten. Another fact of second pregnancy for is forget completely  how to make the bag for the hospital, diet, moisturise frequently the body, cut off some facial serum, exercises, register in preg app, read dome magazine, …. get everything ready for the big day.

Well, apart for that, the most exciting part is the decoration of the room. I had saved on my IG account so many ideas and living close to one Ikea store make it a dream. I love as well buy some things from small brands, there are full of  different ideas and really creative collections. Getting the same vibe to redecorate Elis’s room for the first time too. I assume its gonna be fun and lot of  mess all over the place. Well that what we wanted, a big house with a big family.